Ray Lawrence Jr was found by a dumpster shortly after birth in Chicago, IL in July 1963. He was rescued by a band of travelling Hillbillies that ended up adopting him and taught him their ways. Music was very important in this family and Ray ended up pickin on guitars and banjos and other instruments of TWANG. He found out one day he could sing and he even could write lyrics to some pretty good songs. By the time Ray was 5 years old, he played his first show, a school Christmas play. He was hooked on playin music from that point on. 

By age 17 Ray joined the Army and set out to learn a trade, see the world and most importantly play music. Ray got into a band in Germany where he was stationed and began playing any place that would let him. After the Army, ray drove truck during the day and played music at night. it was during that time that Ray became obsessed with trailer parks and graveyards. He knew music fit in there somewhere. It would take a lot more before a whole new music genre would be created

Ray ended up in a homeless shelter and lost everything he had in life except his music abilities and his songwriting skills. He used what he had to make the best of a bad situation. with the help of a few musicians  and a member of country music royalty, Ray was able to take a couple song to the world. Ray finally got heard on a Hank 3 record. Ray then started recording and created his own music genre not long after that. He calls that genre, Trailer Park Graveyard Blues.